7- A third important characters Bio

Wavesongs is a story with a lot of characters, so I had to think long and hard about who to write about today. It has to be a character who’s really significant, but whose storyline isn’t too spoiler-y. So I chose Goldie, one of Chris’ closest friends aboard the pirate vessel and a person who means a great deal to him.

Goldie is a young pirate who takes Chris under his wings the moment he joins the pirate crew, and quickly becomes friends with him. Goldie is a simple and care-free soul who never worries about a thing, and has lots of friends. He’s always talking, amusing people with his stories, and he makes sure Chris is treated well by the rest of the crew. But just as everyone else, Goldie too has his problems to deal with.

This is one of my favourite characters, and the character my beta readers have liked the most. He’s just very sweet without being dull or boring (which is sometimes the case with “good” characters), and it’s no coincidence that he’s in almost every Wavesongs short story I’ve written so far. I have a lot of feelings for this man, I really do.

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