Ari and Vidar are Viking warriors and blood brothers. Will handsome thrall Elric break their bond…or make it even stronger?

When young Saxon Elric is sold to Norse slave traders, he thinks that his life is over. He is brought across the sea to the settlement of the Norsemen and becomes the chief’s thrall, and neither the chief nor the warriors are lenient with him. Two of the warriors are different, though—Ari and Vidar. Elric sense that their bond goes beyond mere friendship, and wishes that he himself had someone who would care for him.

Ari and Vidar have been lovers for years, but they have to sneak away whenever they want to be together. Vidar is next in line to be leader, as the chief’s nephew, but he’s shy and insecure and only feels at home on the battlefield. Ari looks different than the other warriors, since his mother was of foreign descent, and he’s had to learn how to stand up for himself.

The two of them are blood brothers, linked together forever, but even though they are lovers they can’t go against the taboo that prohibits free men from being passive during sex. Ari feels that something is lacking, and Elric’s arrival gives him an idea—what if they invited Elric to join them in bed? The thought excites him, and Elric himself seems eager to please.

The only question is how Ari is supposed to get Vidar to agree to letting another man into their relationship…

Godsend is a Viking menage novella published by Pride Publishing.

Length: 36,400 words


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What readers think

  • “The characters are beautifully pictured, with their very own recognizance characteristics. When I put the cruelty of the era and the roughness beside, what’s left is an intimate, extremely hot, steamy arousing gathering of three men who want nothing more than be together. I must confess, it wasn’t as cruel as I expected and maybe even hoped for but it was way more steamy than I expected!
    Holy moly what a great story, I was thrilled by the atmosphere I felt throughout this narrative, it felt all real, authentic, I was there, I could easily visualize, smell, and feel it all!
    This was a great book, quite captivating, wonderfully written, with an enthralling plot.” (Love Bytes Reviews)
  • “I was extremely entertained with Godsend. It scratched the itch I have for stories that explore romantic relationships between more than two people. Ari and Vidar being toppy tops and Elric learning he’s a super bottom worked very well with the drama and plot of the book. I thought the tension that ebbs and flows between Ari and Vidar as they contemplate broadening their love to include Elric was deliciously spun out across the book, and not instantly resolved once everyone got naked. If you like very steamy books with historical settings and some thoughtful exploration into two characters’ decision to open their relationship to a third, then I think you’ll enjoy this story.” (Joyfully Jay)
  • “The characters were good and I liked the storyline. The hardships that the thralls faced came through fairly vividly.” (OMGReads)
  • “This is a well-written romance that only touches on the Viking culture, focusing more on the romantic elements of the story. It moves along at a fair pace, and you see how Elric’s life changes, and the pressures upon Vidar. Ari is the one in the middle of them both, the one who helps make the dream a reality.
    A lovely story with a great supporting cast. This is the first book by this author I have read, and it won’t be the last. Definitely recommended by me.” (Long and Short Reviews)
  • “This story was pretty good, the author was able to bring out the traits and feelings of the characters and really gave you a feel for the time when these characters would have lived. If you like historical or Viking fiction, you’ll really like this one!” (Bayou Book Junkie)
  • “I REALLY appreciate Elvira Bell’s consistency to keep the tone, language, and overall theme of the story within the time period.”
    “You will not be disappointed with how smutty they get!”
    “A smoking, muscle bound, again, smoking read that will not disappoint.”
    “Wanting some flaming Viking smut? Look no further!” (Goodreads reviewer)
  • “I enjoyed this book. It was different and my first Viking story. The story had a good pace and the relationship between future clan chief Vidar, his blood brother and secret lover Ari, and the slave Elric felt natural and believable.” (Goodreads reviewer)
  • “I liked this book. I am not one for threesomes, but Godsend’s was good. There was more to the story than lusty Vikings.” (Goodreads reviewer)
  • “Interesting story with intriguing characters and great scene descriptions.” (Goodreads reviewer)
  • “This is a quick and easy read. The storyline is well-crafted, intriguing, suspenseful, has drama and steam. The characters are defined, and likable with sizzling chemistry. I liked it.” (Goodreads reviewer)