20- If it were made into a movie, which Director would direct it and which band would make the soundtrack

Obviously if I could choose anyone I’d have to pick my favourite director –  Xavier Dolan. He’s not the first one that comes to mind when you think of epic historical movies, I know that, but he does make beautiful lgbtq-themed movies! I also think Andrea Arnold made a very fresh and wonderful interpretation of Wuthering Heights, and Sofia Coppola would be a nice choice also. (I thought answering this would be impossible but now I just come up with more and more names…)

When it comes to bands, though… I’m going to have to say Lana. No one makes music as sad, and haunting, and sexy. Of course I’d love a touch of folk as well (to get that cosy sea shanty feeling), so the best option would probably be a mix of a few voices/genres. *dreams away*

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