The beautiful cover, made by Natasha Snow!

Entertaining the Sombrevilles is up for pre-order! Read more about it here, or have a look at Goodreads.

I’m stuck at home with a cold, and this was exactly what I needed today. Seriously, it’s just dawning on me now that I’m actually getting published. And I’m so happy and so grateful about that.


Book covers are really important to me, and today I got to see mine for the first time. I had requested one with a “sexy, art deco feel” – and this one has that in abundance. I am so happy with it, and I’m thrilled to have reached this part of the process. Soon I’ll be able to show it to you.

Whirl, whirl

I’m starting to realize Entertaining the Sombrevilles will actually be a published book soon. Slowly that realization is dawning on me and it’s lovely and scary at the same time. When I started working on the novel it was just a bit of a fun side project to pass the time – but I don’t think you can work on any story for this long without getting attached to it. I can’t imagine going trough life without characters inhabiting your mind, characters who often grow into imaginary friends. My focus is always the characters and their relationships, no matter which story I’m writing, and my characters mean everything to me. Letting them out into the real world is exciting, but also something I’m anxious about. What if people don’t like them? What if I’m the only one who can appreciate all those little things that make my babies so amazing?

There’s a lot of whirling thoughts right now, as you can tell. Mostly, though, I’m super excited that things are finally happening – things that I’ve dreamed of since childhood. No matter what the reviews will say (if there are any), I’ve come a long, long way since last year. And I have lots of things left to learn.

Type & Tell

Är så himla pepp på Bonniers nya självpubliceringstjänst Type & Tell! Det är så spännande att det dyker upp nya kreativa lösningar för bokpublicering, som dessutom känns både enkla och väldigt snygga. Type & Tell har bara varit öppet för användare i en vecka och är fortfarande på beta-stadiet, men jag måste säga att det verkar väldigt lovande. Ska bli intressant att följa utvecklingen, och se vad som blir utgivet där!

I’m thrilled about the new self-publishing service Type & Tell from Bonniers, Sweden’s largest publishing house. It’s so exciting to see all these creative solutions for self-publishing pop up, solutions that are both simple and elegant. Type & Tell hasn’t been open to the public for more than a week and is still a beta version, but things look very promising to me. It’ll be interesting to see what happens and what kind of books people will publish!