30 day novel writing challenge

15- Your favourite part of the story

My favourite part of the story is the beginning of the Captain/Chris relationship, when everything is new and sweet and Chris adores the Captain more than anything. They explore each other and the Captain gently introduces Chris to a kind of love and intimacy he has never experienced before. It’s very tender and Chris is so much in love at this point.

I adore this ship so much and I adore the Captain, and I think the fact that it’s a “doomed” ship actually makes me like it more… I love that they really go from hope to despair (as one of my beta readers described it), that there’s all this drama, all this tension. BFF ships and the like are terribly sweet and I like that too, but I’ll take messy, angsty dysfunctional ships over the cutesy romantic stuff any day of the week. 😉

14- Which character you are most like

I can’t think of one character in this story that resembles me, really. Or rather, a lot of them are like me in certain aspects, but that’s it. Of course, my protagonist has a lot in common with me (kindness, fondness of animals, that sort of thing), but so have many other characters. I’m not the kind of writer who uses my own life and experiences in my writing, not to the extent that many others do, and I don’t see myself in my characters. I’ve always used my writing as a form of escapism – I create worlds and characters that are very far from my own life, and I feel uncomfortable writing stuff that’s too close to home, so to speak. That’s what the diary is for!

13- Your least favourite character to write about and why

I had to think about this one for so long, haha. Even went through my index of all the characters (so many pages!), but I don’t think I dislike writing about any of them, really. There are characters I had to work a lot with to make them how I wanted them to be, but I always liked them – I just felt that they weren’t ready yet.

So, my answer to this question will be Chris, my protagonist – not because I don’t like writing about him, because I do, but because he’s the one character I’m always writing about and that can sometimes get tiresome. That’s the only reason I can think of but otherwise I love letting him face all these situations and all the drama and craziness that comes with a relationship with a mentally unstable pirate captain. I’m having so much fun. 🙂

12- Your favourite character to write about and why

Like I’ve said before, my favourite character is the Captain and I really do love writing about him. I generally enjoy writing characters who are all about dramatics and interesting dialogue, and this man is a lot like that. He’s emotional – from sweet to suggestive in seconds, sometimes haunted by melancholy and other times blinded by rage – which makes for many strong scenes. He’s a man with a large responsibility, a pirate known by everyone, and his actions and decisions have consequences. And he’s intelligent, well-mannered and cultivated, he’s never drunk and never uses strong language. There are many sides to him and I love writing all of them, really. Complexity can be tough when you’re trying to pinpoint what a character is like and they are so much, all at once – but after many, many rounds of editing I believe I’ve managed to write the Captain just as I want him. A bit of this and a bit of that (and just a little bit psycho).

11- All the Ships in your novel/ Story

(I wonder what kind of ships they mean… ^^)

I’m keeping this pretty short because I don’t want to spoil stuff (as always), but there are many ships to be found in this story. Originally, I wanted to write a novel which was inspired by BL manga and anime, and which had a little bit of a reverse harem feel to it. That is, not one but many options for the protagonist to choose from. There is of course a main pairing (or two, really), but also several minor ships. Just like the girls of reverse harem manga, my main character attracts a lot of attention from the men around him.

The main ships of the story are Captain Hart/Chris and Chris/Dylan. Minor ships include Alec/Chris… and many more that I can’t tell you about. But if you want ships, you’ll get plenty here.