24- What are you going to do with it when it’s done?

Of course, I’d love for Wavesongs to be published one day. When you’ve worked on a project for so many years, you’d be crazy not to want that to happen, but right now I’m not sure whether I should even try to publish in Swedish, or translate it into English and self-pub on Amazon instead. It’s a hard decision, because finding a publisher is not going to happen (I haven’t given up hope yet, but I do think it would be very unlikely), and self-publishing costs money, and I’m not sure a story like this would find many readers in Sweden. But translating the book would take a LOT of time, time that I’d much rather use for writing the sequel. So it’s all a bit of a mess right now but I can promise you that it will be published one way or another, though I can’t say when! 😉

23- The ten things you could improve

  1. The flow of the story. I mean, this is my first novel and I basically don’t really know what I’m doing, do I? I’m sure there are many scenes that could be cut or others that could be extended but it’s the sort of thing you’d need to go to a professional to get help with.
  2. Dialogue. I still find lines here and there that just don’t sit right with me. Though I have gotten rid of the worst ones!
  3. The romance. Like I’ve said before, I tend to enjoy my dark twists, and readers who expect a very romance-y story might get disappointed.
  4. The sex. It could always be improved, couldn’t it?
  5. Characters. I’m satisfied with the portrayal of most of my characters but there are always a few that could do with a little bit of extra work.
  6. Research. I never feel like I’ve done enough research.
  7. The “action” scenes. I believe my strength is dialogue, not action, and I always dread writing fights and battles. (Which is exactly why I should write more of them, and get practice.)
  8. Deaths and disappearances. Some characters just go away a little too soon for my liking (even though I’m the one who decided it that way).
  9. My characters are complicated, their love lives are complicated, and writing the sequels will, obviously, be VERY complicated. But a lot of fun, too.
  10. I sometimes wish it was longer, just so I could write more about all the places and people that I love.

22- The Ten best things about your story

Difficult, but I’ll try!

  1. It’s a story with many gay/bisexual characters, which I think is important as an alternative to all the heteronormative stories being published every day.
  2. It’s eventful, lots of exciting scenes.
  3. It’s hot.
  5. The 18th century is the best century.
  6. Once you’ve finished it, there are two more books to go.
  7. Filled with interesting characters.
  8. The Captain being his usual, Captain-y self.
  9. You might even learn a thing or two from it.
  10. Did I mention that it’s hot?

God, how awful it is to praise one’s own work like this… I’ll go hide in a corner now.

21- Dream Cast (with pictures)

It’s embarrassing how easy it is for me to answer this. But I guess you can’t work on a project like this for many years without coming up with actors who sort of look like your characters and who’d be so great in that movie that will never be made but is nice to fantasize about all the same. Most of the actors I’ve “chosen” for my characters are actors I truly adore, and I usually realised they resembled this or that pirate after watching several of their movies and really getting into them. The three actors that come to mind when I think of my three main characters (Chris, Dylan and the Captain) are Douglas Booth, Ezra Miller and Matthew Goode. All three are among my favourites and let’s just say I’d be very, very happy if two of them ever appeared in the same movie. 🙂

20- If it were made into a movie, which Director would direct it and which band would make the soundtrack

Obviously if I could choose anyone I’d have to pick my favourite director –  Xavier Dolan. He’s not the first one that comes to mind when you think of epic historical movies, I know that, but he does make beautiful lgbtq-themed movies! I also think Andrea Arnold made a very fresh and wonderful interpretation of Wuthering Heights, and Sofia Coppola would be a nice choice also. (I thought answering this would be impossible but now I just come up with more and more names…)

When it comes to bands, though… I’m going to have to say Lana. No one makes music as sad, and haunting, and sexy. Of course I’d love a touch of folk as well (to get that cosy sea shanty feeling), so the best option would probably be a mix of a few voices/genres. *dreams away*