28- Who else has read it? Or heard about it? Does anyone know you’re writing?

Most of my friends know I’m working on this project and so far, my boyfriend and a few friends have read it. I’m pretty secretive about it because writing about gay pirates is, well, not something I think my work colleagues or my grandmother needs to know about. But I’ve discussed the project with a lot of friends and I’ve received great and highly valuable feedback from the ones who have read it. One of my friends deserves a medal for reading this book far too many times, including the atrocious first manuscript that was beyond horrible – and she’s still enthusiastic about it and encourages me to carry on! I wish every writer could have a reader and friend as supportive as that. ❤

27- How often do you write it and in what environment?

Right now, I don’t write as often as I would like since I just started a full-time job and I feel like work takes all of my energy for the moment. But when things have calmed down a little, I’ll get back to writing more frequently.

When I do write, I usually do so at home, lying on the sofa with the computer in my lap. I sometimes write in a notebook instead, though most of the time I use the computer. I sometimes write on the train, but hardly ever in cafés and such because that just stresses me out. It seems to work for a lot of writers but I guess it depends on what kind of person you are!

26- What is the most exciting scene/ chapter/ part

Like all good pirate stories, this book contains a treasure hunt (never mind the fact that the idea of pirates hiding their treasures has very little to do with historical accuracy). I’d say that’s the most exciting part of the book because there are so many things happening – adventures, accidents, and tons of conflicting emotions for Chris to deal with. It was a lot of fun to write and will hopefully be an enjoyable read as well!