Romance tropes and settings I love

Hi! Easter is here and we’re having a few extra days off work, at least in my part of the world. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I hope you’re having a great weekend. I’m going to read lots of books and watch movies, and of course eat chocolate. That’s one of the best things about Easter, after all.

Today, I wanted to talk about the romance tropes and settings that I can’t get enough of. Some of them I’ve used in my own writing, but not all (so far). Here are some tropes that always catch my interest when I’m book-hunting:

  • Enemies to Lovers – I can’t grow tired of this one, and I’ve used it myself in Wavesongs and At His Mercy.
  • Forbidden Love – A trope I’ve loved ever since I started reading Virginia Andrews’ books when I was far too young. I don’t find those particular romances as charming nowadays as I did back then, though… 
  • Forced Proximity
  • May-December – A trope I used in At His Mercy (and, to an extent, in Wavesongs).
  • Prisoner – Goes well with Enemies to Lovers.

If a book ticks one or more of these boxes, there’s a good chance that I’ll buy it. That chance is even bigger if the story is a historical romance. Of course I read contemporary romance, too, but I’ve always loved historical stories. My favorite settings/time periods are:

  • The Viking Age – This one might be my favorite. I guess I’m a bit partial to Vikings since I’m Scandinavian, but there are so many great things about this time period.
  • Medieval Europe – I recently read a great Swedish romance that took place during the time of the Black Death. I never thought I’d see that, not with a HEA ending, but the author totally made it work. I’d love to read more books like that!
  • Ancient Greece – Greek mythology, of course, has a lot to offer if you’re into M/M romance. I love reading about Ancient Greece in general, and I’m ecstatic whenever I find a good romance set during that period.
  • Pre-historic – Does M/M pre-historic romance exist at all? I haven’t found it yet, but oh, how I want to.

If you’ve got any book recs for me based on the things I’ve listed here, please let me know. I love discovering new books and authors!

What are your favorite tropes and settings?

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