Month: September 2017

Twelve years

Omg, I just found an old notebook with the first notes I ever made about the Sombreville siblings. And there was this messy family tree, which of course is much bigger than this – there are lots of people at Ilthorn Manor. 

This was done in June 2005. Time flies…


I only have a few chapters of Wavesongs #2 left to outline, so I will be done before the week is over. I’m getting emotional about this story already – planning brought tears to my eyes yesterday, because I love my characters so and when stuff happens to them I just get a lot of feelings. The story is sort of intense, with lots of things happening, and not all of those things are good. The second book is naturally not the one where problems are solved or HEA:s had, so I really want to write it quickly just so I can move on to the final part of the story and fix everything for my boys. At the same time I want to take my time, because this book has a lot of delicious moments in it.

Entertaining the Sombrevilles isn’t nearly as emotional, but there is actually one scene in it that makes me teary-eyed. I wonder if any readers will feel that way about it as well? It’s a scene which speaks to me on a very personal level, and to me it shows why Charmaine is so important to the story. Without her there would be a very important perspective missing.