From this to that

Being an author is so much more than just writing. Right now I’d really want to spend more time doing my character sheets for the second Wavesongs novel, but I’m stuck planning the marketing for Entertaining the Sombrevilles, trying to get my printer to work, and registering my company which is something I need to be able to pay taxes. The marketing and the company stuff is one thing, I can do that (sort of)—but the printer, does it really have to make trouble for me right now? Oh, the joys of technology.

The character sheets are working out well, though, when I find the time to work on them. There are lots of new characters for this book and it’s so exciting to get to know them and find out how my MC’s relate to them. Characters and their relationships have always been my favourite part of writing so doing character sheets is a very enjoyable thing for me. The one I did for most characters of the first novel had ten pages for each character, which was very interesting but took a bit too much time. Now I do two pages and I think that’s more manageable.

Do you use character sheets?

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