Month: January 2016

What I’m doing

Sorry I never update, but there’s so little time in my life right now. At least I’m writing again, and quite a lot, though mostly AU:s and randomness that couldn’t be used for anything serious. But I’m doing it for my own entertainment (and my friend’s <3) and I’ve written +23K so far this year, which is pretty good all things considered.

I hope I can get more time and energy for my novels (and for the blog) soon! Writing AU:s is so much fun though, and I love it. And my writing has been more about quantity rather than quality for a long time now… 😉

Writing again

Finally. I’ve had writer’s block for over a month and the last short story I wrote in 2015 was really bad… but tonight I managed to finish my first story of 2016! Just a short Wavesongs short story, sort of AU and plotless but I don’t care, as long as it’s my favourite characters being lovely and themselves and then there’s lots of dialogue and cute things they’re doing and… yes, writing Wavesongs stories really is the easiest because I know this verse so well, I don’t have to think about what the characters are like, and so it’s extremely useful whenever I get writer’s block and feel like I’ll never ever write again.

Also, I thought I’d count all the stories I wrote last year, which was by far my most productive year ever. In total, I wrote one novel, 26 short stories and 1/4 of another novel, and on top of this I also did a lot of editing. So I felt much better after that (and after writing the new story), and I hope I can keep it up this year as well! Let’s see how that goes 😉

Cutting out the middle man

So, it’s a new year and I hope 2016 has been good to you all so far. Personally, I’m just happy about the snow we’re having right now, and try not to think too much about all the serious work-related things ahead. I’ve had a lovely time during the holidays and now I’m looking forward to getting back to my routines, which will probably take a few days.

Oh, and this big, writing-related thing happened (well, it happened in my head). I don’t really know where it came from, but I realised I have to rewrite Wavesongs so that Chris and the Captain actually end up together (which they don’t, in the current version). It just hit me that I’ve been writing a story where I have a very obvious favourite character, and a very obvious OTP, but I’ve made the story go in another direction and that’s just… not good. My reason has been that the Captain is so flawed that Chris shouldn’t get stuck in a relationship with him, because there were certain things the Captain did that were unforgivable and you shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t respect you. But what if I change him? What if I make a few tweaks and sort of merge his and Dylan’s character’s together, into one, better man who will actually be lovable? I feel a little crazy for even considering this, because it will change the entire story, and what will become of Dylan? etc etc… But I know deep down that I need to do this, and that I should have done it ages ago, because no matter how hard I’ve been fighting it, this trilogy has always been about the Captain. And it just became odder and odder how Chris kept obsessing and sort of caring for him, long after they’d fallen out and he was happy together with Dylan and definitely shouldn’t think of someone else. But he did, and I did, and I very much look forward to playing God and making this story turn out just the way I want.

This also means that Wavesongs will fit much, much better into the romance genre. It probably seems like a weird decision to my beta readers, but knowing what will happen in books two and three, I feel confident that I’m doing the right thing. *gross sobbing at the thought of actually making OTP 100% real* In a strange and slightly masochistic way, I’m also looking forward to rewriting the book completely. I don’t know how many decades it will take for me to finish the entire trilogy but I can’t wait to get to those final chapters of book three!