Planning 2016

Christmas isn’t far away and neither is next year, and I’m already planning my work for 2016 when it comes to writing. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the short story I’m currently working on before Christmas, and then I have a few other short stories I want to write as soon as possible. After that, I have two big projects for 2016: translating Wavesongs into English, and editing Entertaining the Sombrevilles. I want to self-pub both of them on Amazon, since I don’t feel like I want to try and publish in Swedish first. The audience for the kind of stories that I write is pretty small, and I think it would be a waste of money and effort to self-publish a Swedish e-book version of Wavesongs. So right now, all I need to do (…) on that project is to translate the book and then find some editor who’d be willing to take a look at it. Entertaining the Sombrevilles, on the other hand, is already in the right language but will need a lot of work before I can do anything with it.

My dream is to publish something next year. After that, I can finally move on to Wavesongs #2, and maybe, maybe wrap up this entire trilogy one day… But for now, the main focus is to just finish the current novels. I won’t call it a New Year’s resolution, because I’m not good with those, but it is a goal and I am very motivated. 🙂


  1. Oj, ska du översätta Vågsånger till engelska 😮 Gör du det själv eller ska du anlita någon?

    Det är lite surt att våra berättelser inte har så stor publik här, men jag hoppas kunna bli utgiven på svenska ändå 🙂


    1. Jag får nog göra det själv tror jag, blir lite väl dyrt att anlita översättare OCH lektör tyvärr.

      Egentligen tror jag säkert det finns ganska många potentiella läsare av den här genren i Sverige, det är svårt att hitta dem bara och nå ut med det man gör. Men precis som du hoppas jag också att boken kan bli utgiven även på svenska någon gång, tänker dock att det är enklare för mig att satsa på Amazon först 🙂


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