So, I finally crossed the 50K word mark with my current project. It’s taken months to reach this goal, which is crazy since I wrote the first sixty pages in a few days and then after that… nothing. Life has a way of getting in the way of writing sometimes. Now, I feel like I’ve finally regained the energy I need to finish this novel, and hopefully I’ll be better at keeping up the daily writing routine now. Even though writing can be hard, and frustrating, it is what energizes me and if I don’t write for too long, I just don’t feel like doing anything. Even though it’s my hobby it’s so much more than that, you know? It’s not just something I do because it’s fun. I literally need to do it. I guess that’s how all writers feel and it’s a beautiful thing really, that the urge to create and to express yourself is so strong.

Now, I have another scene to plan and I am looking forward to this one a lot. 🙂

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