23- The ten things you could improve

  1. The flow of the story. I mean, this is my first novel and I basically don’t really know what I’m doing, do I? I’m sure there are many scenes that could be cut or others that could be extended but it’s the sort of thing you’d need to go to a professional to get help with.
  2. Dialogue. I still find lines here and there that just don’t sit right with me. Though I have gotten rid of the worst ones!
  3. The romance. Like I’ve said before, I tend to enjoy my dark twists, and readers who expect a very romance-y story might get disappointed.
  4. The sex. It could always be improved, couldn’t it?
  5. Characters. I’m satisfied with the portrayal of most of my characters but there are always a few that could do with a little bit of extra work.
  6. Research. I never feel like I’ve done enough research.
  7. The “action” scenes. I believe my strength is dialogue, not action, and I always dread writing fights and battles. (Which is exactly why I should write more of them, and get practice.)
  8. Deaths and disappearances. Some characters just go away a little too soon for my liking (even though I’m the one who decided it that way).
  9. My characters are complicated, their love lives are complicated, and writing the sequels will, obviously, be VERY complicated. But a lot of fun, too.
  10. I sometimes wish it was longer, just so I could write more about all the places and people that I love.

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