12- Your favourite character to write about and why

Like I’ve said before, my favourite character is the Captain and I really do love writing about him. I generally enjoy writing characters who are all about dramatics and interesting dialogue, and this man is a lot like that. He’s emotional – from sweet to suggestive in seconds, sometimes haunted by melancholy and other times blinded by rage – which makes for many strong scenes. He’s a man with a large responsibility, a pirate known by everyone, and his actions and decisions have consequences. And he’s intelligent, well-mannered and cultivated, he’s never drunk and never uses strong language. There are many sides to him and I love writing all of them, really. Complexity can be tough when you’re trying to pinpoint what a character is like and they are so much, all at once – but after many, many rounds of editing I believe I’ve managed to write the Captain just as I want him. A bit of this and a bit of that (and just a little bit psycho).

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