11- All the Ships in your novel/ Story

(I wonder what kind of ships they mean… ^^)

I’m keeping this pretty short because I don’t want to spoil stuff (as always), but there are many ships to be found in this story. Originally, I wanted to write a novel which was inspired by BL manga and anime, and which had a little bit of a reverse harem feel to it. That is, not one but many options for the protagonist to choose from. There is of course a main pairing (or two, really), but also several minor ships. Just like the girls of reverse harem manga, my main character attracts a lot of attention from the men around him.

The main ships of the story are Captain Hart/Chris and Chris/Dylan. Minor ships include Alec/Chris… and many more that I can’t tell you about. But if you want ships, you’ll get plenty here.

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