5- Main Character Bio

This is actually difficult because I don’t want to risk saying too much, but I’ll give it a try. My main character is eighteen-year-old Chris Andrews, who’s spent his entire life in the small village where he was born. His father, who died when Chris was a child, used to be a sailor and that is what Chris dreams of becoming as well. He gets the opportunity of joining a merchant crew, and leaves England. But life at sea is much harder than Chris had anticipated, and he soon regrets his decision.

Chris is a sweet, caring boy who has grown up an only child, working hard to help his mother but always looked down on by the other villagers because of his pretty face and lack of muscles. He is and always has been best friends with the miller’s boy, Will, but Will is getting married and Chris is going far away. Marriage doesn’t interest him, though he doesn’t really know why. It isn’t until he meets Captain Hart, that he finally understands what he’s been searching for all this time.

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