3- Explain your PoV and Style of writing used

Day three! I don’t think I’ve blogged about this before? Actually, I’ve had quite a lot of angsty moments because of the POV question – the story is told from a very traditional, 1st person perspective, with my protagonist telling his own story in the past tense. Earlier this year, I had the idea that it might be better to tell the story from 3rd person POV instead, but in the end I decided that 1st person does have its perks (and that my real problem was that I used the word “I” far too much). It can be tiring to write a novel from a 1st person POV – it limits your options, and you have to make your protagonist overhear a lot of conversations to make him realise what’s going on around him… (well, at least I do 😉 ) And just as it is with actual people, characters have their flaws and after spending thousands of hours writing from that one person’s perspective, you can grow a little tired of them. I’ve solved this by writing short stories, where I can explore my world from the POV of other characters, where I can write about Chris in 3rd person or present tense or whatever I might fancy. After doing a few of those, going back to 1st person feels fresh and interesting again.

My writing style, I’d say, is very, very occasionally poetic but most of the time just efficient, lots of dialogue and actions to move everything forward. Since it’s supposed to be a romantic/sexy (I cringe just writing this but… yeah) story, there’s also a lot of focus on appearances. Not saying that you need to know someone’s eye colour to find them attractive. But yes, dialogue is definitely the key, I think.

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