Writing meme

Hittade ett meme här och tänkte att det kör vi på!

01:  When did you first start writing?

I’ve written since I was about seven, I think?

02:  What was your favorite book growing up?

There were so many but perhaps Bröderna Lejonhjärta, still one of my faves.

03:  Are you an avid reader?

Yes. I wish I had time to read more than I do, though.

04:  Have you ever thrown a book across the room?

I have! I think it might have been Inventing Memory by Erica Jong. And it belonged to the school library, too…

05:  Did you take writing courses in school/college?

I took one which was really good.

06:  Have you read any writing-advice books?

A few, mostly when I was younger and didn’t know a thing about writing, only that I liked doing it.

07:  Have you ever been part of a critique group?

No. It would probably be very useful, though!

08:  What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?

It’s always very flattering when you share your writing with someone and they’re obviously moved by it. If people fall for my characters, then there’s no better feedback I could get.

09:  What’s the worst piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?

I’ve received some pretty nasty feedback in the past because of bad characterization, which was obviously not fun at the time but they did have a point.

10:  What’s your biggest writer pet-peeve?

Spelling mistakes! And also, if all the characters sound identical when they talk.

11:  What’s your favorite book cover?

There are lots and lots of beautiful covers but I’m very much in love with this one.

12:  Who is your favorite author?

Astrid Lindgren and Tove Jansson, among many others.

13:  What’s your favorite writing quote?

Am I supposed to have one?

14:  What’s your favorite writing blog?

simonaahrnstedt.se. Fun, inspiring and frequently updated.

15:  What would you say has inspired you the most?

No idea. I think I just have a very vivid imagination…

16:  How do you feel about movies based on books?

Depends! It can go horribly wrong but sometimes works extremely well. Gone Girl is a good example of a great book turned into an equally great film.

17:  Would you like your books to be turned into TV shows, movies, video games, or none?

Of course, it’s thrilling to imagine your stories on the screen, starring this or that handsome actor… but that’s just daydreaming. I’d be more than satisfied with people reading my stories and enjoying them.

18:  How do you feel about love triangles?

Wrote my first one when I was twelve, and I still write them!

19:  Do you prefer writing on a computer or longhand?

Both. I find it easier to write away from the computer sometimes, and more ergonomic too.

20:  What’s your favorite writing program?

Word, always. It might not be the best one out there but it’s the one I’ve used since forever.

21:  Do you outline?

I do.

22:  Do you start with characters or plot?

Varies. Sometimes I have characters living in my head for years before I find the right plot for them.

23:  What’s your favorite & least favorite part of making characters?

I love coming up with names for characters and sort of visualising in my head who they are, what they’ve been through and so on. My least favourite part is actually writing it all down…

24:  What’s your favorite & least favorite part of plotting?

See answer to previous question!

25:  What advice would you give to young writers?

Write and read as much as possible. Just have fun with your characters and your stories, don’t think too much about what others might think of your writing. I think it’s important to be free and develop your own style in the very beginning, get to know yourself as a writer and what kind of stories you wish to tell.

26:  Which do you enjoy reading the most: physical, ebook, or both?

I love physical books and still haven’t finished a single ebook, though I like the idea.

27:  Which is your favorite genre to write?

I don’t know about genre, but I’m always interested in writing about relationships.

28:  Which do you find hardest: the beginning, the middle, or the end?

The beginning. It takes a while to get to know the characters, the setting, and to find the right pace for the story.

29:  Which do you find easiest: writing or editing?

Writing, I guess? Editing just feels like it never ends, you can always make the story a teeny tiny bit better.

30:  Have you ever written fan-fiction?

I have.

31:  Have you ever been published?


32:  How do you feel about friends and close relatives reading your work?

I find it really scary to have family members and other relatives read stuff I’ve written. It’s much easier with friends.

33:  Are you interested in having your work published?


34:  Describe your writing space.

Lots of colourful things everywhere.

35:  What’s your favorite time of day for writing?

Whenever I feel like it, though I tend to write in the evenings mostly.

36:  Do you listen to music when you write?

Most of the time.

37:  What’s your oldest WIP?

A romantic 18th century novel.

38:  What’s your current WIP?

Another romantic 18th century novel…

39:  What’s the weirdest story idea you’ve ever had?

I’m not sure I want to reveal that.

40:  Which is your favorite original character, and why?

Several male characters who are all really horrible, but I love them anyway.

41:  What do you do when characters don’t follow the outline?

I just go with it, usually.

42:  Do you enjoy making your characters suffer?

No, but still I do make them suffer a lot!

43:  Have you ever killed a main character?


44:  What’s the weirdest character concept you’ve ever come up with?

I don’t even know.

45:  What’s your favorite character name?

Names starting with a C, for some unknown reason.

46:  Describe your perfect writing space.

Somewhere with a nice view would be lovely.

47:  If you could steal one character from another author and make then yours, who would it be and why?

Lucius Malfoy. I just like him a lot 😉

48:  If you could write the next book of any series, which one would it be, and what would you make the book about?

No idea!

49:  If you could write a collaboration with another author, who would it be and what would you write about?

I have some friends I’ve done collabs with in the past and I would love to do so again sometime.

50:  If you could live in any fictional world, which would it be?

Moomin Valley! If it was real, I’d move there straightaway. ❤


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